About Laura K. Chik – President

Laura K. Chik, MobileChik President

Laura K Chik Digital Marketing ProfessionalLaura K. Chik has worked in the web industry since 1996. In this tie she has has developed, designed, optimized and marketed well over 100 websites locally and nationally. Laura has worn many hats including:

Entreprenuer/Business Owner
Web Designer
Front End Web Developer
UI Designer
Information Architect
Affiliate Marketing Manager
Graphic Designer
Branding Development Specialist
Search marketing including – PPC/SEO/SEM – Google Adwords
Social Media Marketing and Management
Events Manager
PR Specialist
Digital Marketing Specialist

Currently she has an Inbound Marketing Certification from Hubspot (social media marketing), and is working on Google re-Certification. Laura has 15 years experience, and a degree in business and marketing. She is a rare web talent who has technical, business, design and marketing experience! This combination allows her to direct, plan and launch a successful website that will produce results for her clients.

When Laura develops a website she considers the brand as well as their competition. With careful competitive analysis, web design, and seo development she creates websites that not only look great but produce results. She is excellent at knowing which channel of digital marketing is best for her clients. Laura’s technical ability assists in creating a responsive design and marketing experience that produces results.

Since 1994 she has been providing training on a variety of technologies, software, internet marketing, and social media marketing topics. Laura trains small businesses, corporations, and college students Colorado Mountain College.

Laura first started speaking professionally in 1990 when she joined ToastMasters. Since this time she has spoken at chambers of commerces, CMC, school functions, hosted events as MC, workshops, and most recently inspirational speaking. Laura enjoys speaking to young professionals, young women, and middle to high school students about self-acceptance, strength and courage.  Laura shares how she has experienced homelessness and rebuilding to encourage others to not give up.